Dramatic increases in computing power have led to a surge of Artificial Intelligence applications with immense potential in industries as diverse as health, logistics, energy, travel and sports. As corporations continue to operationalise Artificial Intelligence (AI), new applications present risks and stakeholders are increasingly…

Our privileged location: La Pipa, Somió, Gijón.

This article was originally published on 2nd October 2020

Reading is a powerful weapon

I firmly believe that change is the only constant in our lives, the earlier you embrace it as an individual, the earlier you are prepared to tackle what the future holds for you.

An unbiased guide for AI business strategy and success


While overall adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) remains low among businesses, every senior executive that I discuss the topic with claims that AI isn’t hype, although they confirm that they feel uncertain about where these disciplines may provide the largest rewards. One premise is obvious to many: To-be-launched AI initiatives…

Jesus Templado

Leading a data science business that is committed to bringing AI & Predictive Analytics closer to people and businesses. Passionate about watches and sea sports

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